SG Series - Salt and Mineral Salt Chlorinators

Enhanced water management solutions for salt water pools.

The SG Series is a versatile range of quality salt chorinators for those that prefer a salt water pool.  Available with 20g/hr and 30g/hr output, plus optional pH control and additional timed power outlets.

Sterisel European style simplicity

The Sterisel is the simplest product in the range. Developed for the European market, the Sterisel is a simple, untimed salt chlorinator available in two sizes 20g/hr and 30g/hr.

SG and SG pH

The SG Salt Water Chlorinator is a fully-automated system and is proudly made in Australia.  It is available in two sizes – 20g/hr and 30g/hr and has two additional timed power outlets.

The SG pH system is an SG Salt Water Chlorinator that also maintains your pool water in the correct pH range – making the SG pH one of the most efficient and smartest salt chlorinators on the market.  The SG pH system comes in the larger 30g/hr size as standard, with pH control delivered via a peristaltic dosing pump.


The Gemini System represents the ultimate control system for salt water pools.  The Gemini System utilises a probe to monitor and control levels of chlorine production via a salt chlorinator.  The pH of the water is also monitored and controlled.  To find out more please head to the Gemini page of this website or download the Gemini Brochure

SG Mineral - Enjoy the benefits of a Mineral Pool

Mineral salt pools have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many pool owners convinced of the health benefits of minerals.  Pool Controls has now launched the SG Mineral and Gemini Mineral salt water, management systems specifically configured for mineral salt pools.

SG Mineral
The SG Mineral is a fully-timed control unit specially configured to safely sanitise mineral pools.  The SG Mineral comes in the larger 30g/hr size and with automatic pH control as standard – essential to maintain the correct balance of a mineral salt pool.

The minerals are generally present as chloride salts, which can be converted to free chlorine by an electrolytic cell.  The free chlorine sanitises the pool and reverts to the mineral salt once its work is done. This means you can be assured that the pool is fully sanitised, while enjoying the health benefits of the mineral elements.

Gemini Mineral
The Gemini Mineral System takes the management of mineral pools to a whole new level.  The Gemini Mineral Control Unit analyses water chemistry and activates the Gemini Mineral Salt chlorinator only as needed, whilst maintaining precise pH control.

The Gemini Mineral System saves pool owners time, energy and money – while constantly maintaining mineral pool chemistry within the optimum range.  A Gemini Mineral System will prevent over-chlorination, which can bleach pool blankets and pool shells.