About Us

    The Trusted Name in Pool Water Management
    Clear sparkling water provides the perfect way to relax – whether it’s the backdrop to the perfect barbeque, enjoying the health benefits of swimming or simply a great way for your kids to get active!  Our great Australian climate allows us to spend much of our leisure time outdoors and swimming pools have become integral to our way of life.

    The only downside to owning a pool is maintaining it.  Swimming pool owners are responsible for providing a pool that is both safe and hygienic – and this can be time-consuming and expensive - unless you get some help from Pool Controls.

    Pool Controls has been providing innovative solutions for pool water management for over twenty years.  Pool Controls offers a range of controllers to suit the needs of discerning pool owners.

    Pool Controls - lets your pool look after you!

    Chemigem - Automatic Water Management Controller
    The Chemigem measures water quality and adds chemicals to ensure that your pool is clean and safe to swim in.  With a Chemigem, the “hit and miss” methods of dosing by hand are a thing of the past.  Pool water chemistry is regulated automatically – providing consistent levels of water sanitation while using far less chlorine and acid.  This means you get a better result – and save money!

    SG Series Saltwater and Mineral Saltwater Chlorinators
    The SG Series is a versatile range of quality salt chlorinators for those that prefer salt water or mineral salt pool. Available in 20g/hr and 30g/hr output plus optional pH control and additional timed power outlets. Mineral salt pools have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many pool owners convinced of the health benefits of minerals. Pool Controls has now launched the SG Mineral and Gemini Mineral salt water management systems, specially configured for mineral salt pools. 

    Gemini - Introducing the Gemini combo system
    The Gemini Combo System from Pool Controls represents the ultimate in salt water management. Using the technology behind Pool Control's award-winning ChemiGem D10 Water Management System, the Gemini Combo System twins a Gemini Salt Chlorinator with a Gemini Control Unit. The Gemini Control Unit monitors the pool water and activates the Gemini Salt Chlorinator only when needed.

    This results in great energy savings and puts an end to over-chlorination, which can lead to bleached pool blankets and pool shells. The Gemini Control Unit also monitors the pH of the water and makes precise adjustments by feeding acid into the water as necessary.

    Clear sparkling water & happy, healthy swimmers!

    Proudly Australian Made and Maintained

    Pool Controls manufactures its products in Western Australia and distributes them throughout Australia and New Zealand.  Pool Controls takes pride in its products and has a team of dedicated service technicians to make sure your requirements as a pool owner are met and maintained.